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The Hype Economy

Observing tech companies you may notice a broad, disturbing phenomenon: everyone’s hard at work “selling” their product ideas — stakeholders and engineers

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Your Customers Are Not Always Right

When talking to product managers, company leaders, and customer-facing folk, a common belief surfaces: if enough customers (b2c), or an important customer

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Who Should Rule the Product?

Recently the product sphere had boiled-over over Airbnb removing product managers from product teams and converting them into product marketing managers. The

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Planning With Outcome Roadmaps

As I’m writing this, the dreaded yearly planning cycle is just around the corner and the debate over roadmaps is surfacing once

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Why You’re Struggling to Prioritize

Idea prioritization exercises are often  hard and unsatisfying. The discussions run long and the decisions feel suboptimal. Using numeric methods like ICE

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Adopting Evidence-Guided Development in Your Org

This is an excerpt from my book, Evidence-Guided: Creating High Impact Products in the Face of Uncertainty. While the chapter references the

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