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Three Common PM Role Antipatterns

Product Management has been around for a good 40 years, but many companies are still figuring out the basics, including the role

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The Build-Measure-LooksGood! Loop

Experimentation is becoming more commonplace, but this positive development is often hampered by a common problem. I see company after company testing

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Dealing with Top-Down Projects

 Q: My manager keeps instructing me to build certain features that were decided on by management without my input. I’m not happy

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How To Learn From FAANG

There’s a popular notion that we should copy the playbooks of the most successful tech companies, aka Big Tech. The most obvious

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How Much Product Discovery Is Enough?

A common question I get is when it is ok to stop validating a product idea and switch to delivery. It’s a

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Working Better with Stakeholders — Three Key Techniques

Working with stakeholders can be tough. Whether it’s sales, marketing, PR, legal, or finance, these folks tend to have strong opinions about

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