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Confidence Calculator

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Why I Wrote A Book About Evidence-Guided Development

On Feb 1st 2018 I published my most viral article. Originally shared on Medium and LinkedIn, it got hundreds of thousands of

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On GenML, Artifacts, and Product Management

The latest wave of GenML tools is truly remarkable. I believe all creative work is going to be impacted, including product management.

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NPS – Helpful or Harmful? (part 2) 

Many companies consider the Net Promoter Score their most important customer metric. In the first article in the series we saw how

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Net Promoter Score – Helpful or Harmful? (part 1)

The Net Promoter Score is almost an industry standard. We’re constantly bombarded with the question “How likely are you to recommend company

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From Outputs to Outcomes: Bridging the Four Gaps

It’s no secret that many companies struggle with Objectives and Key Results. As I wrote before, a very common problem is setting

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Feature Factories vs. Value Generators

Like it or not, many of us are working in feature factories . We’re churning out feature after feature, trying to deliver

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