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Confidence Calculator

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Working Better with Stakeholders — Three Key Techniques

Working with stakeholders can be tough. Whether it’s sales, marketing, PR, legal, or finance, these folks tend to have strong opinions about

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Discovery is Not an Abstract Concept

These days everyone seems to be talking about transformation, product-based development, and discovery. And yet, I find that many people support these

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The Most Important Thing

In a famous essay Martin Eriksson defined product management as “the intersection between the functions of business, technology and user experience.” Source:

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Your Roadmap Isn’t Really a Road Map

Roadmaps are a hotly debated topic these days. I regularly meet CPOs who try to ban this staple of product management altogether.

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ICE Scores – All You Need to Know

ICE (Impact, Confidence, Ease) is a popular idea prioritization method that has lately been getting some bad press. Some people openly warn against

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Company Mindset – Mapping Out The Ultimate Challenge

When I talk to product teams and company leaders, one challenge comes up more than anything else: the mindset of the company.

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