Project Management

The Big Project Syndrome

There’s a common and highly destructive pattern I’m seeing time and again (and likely you have too). The leadership team falls in love with a big idea and turns it into a big project. This project becomes the top priority—apparently the future of the company depends on it. Other projects (including yesteryear’s top priorities) are […]

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Escaping the Vicious Cycle of Plan & Execute

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Well-thought-out strategies change seemingly every other quarter. 9-month projects that take two years to complete. Disgruntled managers talking about “low velocity”, “lack of ‘can do’ culture”. Skeptical employees talking about lack of vision, bad planning, politics. Spending lots of time on planning, replanning, scope-downs Disappointing launches that customers generally

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Building your project for learning AND execution

In tech we have huge bias for execution – building things and launching them fast and with the right quality. A million underwhelming launches later, we now know we should focus on something else: Learning — systematically discovering the right product, market and business model. All execution and no learning exposes you to launching a great product

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Are You Building a Cathedral?

There’s something inherently problematic about the way we plan our products and services. An uncomfortable truth that’s rarely stated. David M. Upton and Bradley R. Staats wrote the following on IT projects: “The fundamental problem with these systems is that for the most part, they’re constructed using what programmer and open source champion Eric Raymond

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