Video: The Mechanics of Growth

This is a talk I gave summarizing what I consider to be the best practices for driving growth (often called “Growth Hacking”) based on my own experience leading growth in Gmail and on examples from hyper-growth companies like Facebook, AirBnB, and Instagram.

Some of the things I touch on:

  • Finding a North Star and/or One Metric that Matters (OMTM)
  • Building a metrics tree and finding your key levers
  • Building a growth model
  • 3 types of growth patterns— Hockey-stick, Step-function, trajectory change
  • What’s the right time to start working on growth and why it’s dangerous to do it earlier
  • The 3 (actually 4) growth engines that will get you to exponential growth
  • Pirate metrics
  • Growth tactics —Notifications, Onboarding

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