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Discover how Lean Product Management is transforming the way companies create high impact products  that deliver high-value to customers and to the business. You'll up-level your product and leadership skills, and get hands-on experience with the modern tools of product management: North Star Metric, Metrics, OKRs, The GIST framework, Idea banks, ICE scores, The Confidence Meter, Experimentation, and much more. Learning is reinforced through presentation, case studies, group exercises, guided discussion.  

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Lean Product Management

April 2024


Lean Product Management

June 2024


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Duration: 1.5-2 days onsite or 6-8 x 2hrs Online

You'll learn how to use Lean Product Management principles and tools to define product strategy, create a validated business model, move fast on product discovery and execution and deliver high-value products to a large market.


Duration: 1 day onsite or 4 x 2hrs Online

Learn how to use the GIST (Goals, Ideas, Steps, Tasks) framework to turn you strategy into action and driver for impact. No more long projects that lead nowhere and roadmaps that never happen.


Duration: 2-4 hrs  Online/Onsite

Designed introduce evidence-guided product development to company leaders, engineers, designers, and stakeholders. These condensed workshops go over the principles and the tools, and bring everyone into alignment on what needs to change.    

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Private Workshops

Private workshop enable cross-functional team leaders and managers to level-up, find a common vocabulary and a set of tools, together with colleagues. The exercises, discussion and Q&A are all about your specific cases and needs. 

Public workshops are available both online (great for remote teams) and in-person (Europe only), in your company site or on an off-site. 

Past Participants

"The online GIST workshop was  one of the best workshops I have attended in the recent past. Crisp, to the point, sharp and insightful. I saw the team using the confidence meter and impact scale already the next day." 

Vivek Kumar, VP of Product, PropertyGuru

"Itamar took care to really understand our objectives, adapted to or challenged our beliefs and provided superb training that centered on our obsession to create impact in our teams the day they returned to their businesses."

Andy Weight , VP of Strategy,  Adevinta

"We work much better as a team as result of the Lean Product Management workshop - we established full transparency and buy-in from stakeholders and management, we test our assumptions, and overall we see better business results."

Tamar Schultz, Director of product, Gett

"In the Lean PM workshop we drilled down into the concepts and tools of modern software Product Management. Itamar backed everything with examples based on his vast experience, which made it all feel authentic and tangible.."

Oszkar Sziklai, Senior Product Manager, LogMeIn

"There was a very good split between theory and activity. The tasks helped bring the theory into real life. Excellent presenter."

Fergus McHugh, Product Team Manager, Distilled

"The workshop has helped us improve on prioritizing the ideas that will help achieve business goals, stretching the connection between product and business and having more effective discussions with stakeholders. With this lean product management approach, we are better and faster at measuring results and delivering valueā€¯

Eva Ibanez, Product Manager, Corotos & Tayara

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