Talks, Keynotes and Podcasts 

I regularly speaker at industry conferences, company events, and podcasts on topics such as product management, strategy, the role of the product manager, setting goals and choosing ideas, the GIST framework, working with agile teams and more.  

Example topics:

  • Product Management requires a system change
  • Building products users love
  • What the hell is product strategy?
  • Why you should stop using roadmaps and try the GIST framework
  • Building the right products using evidence

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Past and Upcoming Talks and Podcasts




Sep 24, 2020

Product management requires a system change


Oct 28, 2020

Making better product decisions using evidence (recording)

Turing Fest

Nov 3

The GIST Framework

Nov 10, 2020 19:00 CET

The GIST Framework

La Product Conf Paris

Dec 1st, 2020

Product management requires a system change

Sean Ellis - The Breakout Growth Podcast

Jan 2021

How to Dial In Product Market Fit (recording)

Itamar Gilad