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I'm available to speak at your industry conference, company event, or podcast, sharing my experience and learnings from over 25 years of product work including at Google, Microsoft and number of startups and scale-ups.  

Example topics:

  • From opinions to evidence-guided product development 
  • Why you should stop using roadmaps and try the GIST framework
  • Product management requires a system change
  • What the hell is product strategy
  • OKRs done right

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Past and Upcoming Talks and Podcasts




Nov 10, 2020 19:00 CET

The GIST Framework

Sean Ellis - The Breakout Growth Podcast

Jan 2021

How to Dial In Product Market Fit (recording)

March 21st, 2021

Making better product decisions using evidence

Private keynote

April 28, 2021

Why GIST? Why Now

Private keynote

May 28, 2021

Goals and OKRs Done Right

Product Management Festival

Nov 11th, 2021

Making Better Product Decision Using Evidence (recording)

Mind The Product

May 17th, 2022

Data Driven Product Management (AMA)

June 9th, 2022

Advanced ICE - using the Confidence Meter

The Product Experience podcast

Aug 3rd, 2022

Evidence-based product decisions (part 1, part 2)

Mind The Product (London)

Oct 14th, 2022


Digital Leute Summit

Nov 15-16, 2022

The GIST Framework


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