Product Management Coaching

Helping You Be Successful

I'm available to help you create high-impact products and improve product work.

Potential topics:

  • Setting the right mission, vision, and strategic context
  • Improving your strategy 
  • Defining the most important goals and metrics
  • Enhancing product discovery and delivery
  • Setting up the product org for success
  • Embracing evidence-guided decisions
  • Empowering product teams 
  • Making product teams business- and user-focused

Topics I don't cover:

  • Career advice
  • Personal Mentoring   
  • Business management
Product Leader Coaching
  • These coaching sessions are meant for product leaders: CPOs, VP of product, or Director of product.
  • Prerequisite: you took one of my courses or have read my book  
  • Format: fortnightly 1hr meetings in cycles of 3 months (renewable).
  • To start please email: or use the form below. Please include your name, company, position, and key reasons to seek coaching. 
Office Hours / Product Clinics
  • These are concise, paid consulting sessions
  • We can cover a wide variety of topics 

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