Building your project for learning AND execution

In tech we have huge bias for execution – building things and launching them fast and with the right quality. A million underwhelming launches later, we now know we should focus on something else: Learning — systematically discovering the right product, market and business model. All execution and no learning exposes you to launching a great product […]

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Are You Building a Cathedral?

There’s something inherently problematic about the way we plan our products and services. An uncomfortable truth that’s rarely stated. David M. Upton and Bradley R. Staats wrote the following on IT projects: “The fundamental problem with these systems is that for the most part, they’re constructed using what programmer and open source champion Eric Raymond

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How People Perceive Value

And Why It Matters So Much for Your Product René Magritte Value for user (as opposed to value of a user) is a critically important product concept. Arguably it’s at the bottom of product/market fit, product design, growth, pricing, marketing, sales, customer satisfaction… Few things help products and services succeed more than injecting them with lots

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